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June 6, 2010

Richard Greene - Duets

I've already introduced Richard Greene here. So I really don't need to say much. You should already be drooling...

This is his first solo album. Each track is just him and one other instrumentalist. Despite that, the sound is amazingly full because Richard's fiddle is able to occupy two octaves at the same time. His playing is so intense!!! Just look at those photos of him. He's lookin' at YOU and his music cuts through whatever ideas you may have had - it's got so much PRESENCE, like a Coltrane wail or a Fahey slide. He honors the beauty of the music, but he never plays it straight. He is a trickster, a maniacal fiddler who knows that the Devil's true gift to humanity is a raised eyebrow and a wicked grin. This is music that takes no prisoners, and leaves an imprint wherever it goes. The best tracks, surprisingly, are the two with Dave Frishberg on organ.

Richard Greene - Duets

Year: 1977
Label: Rounder

Duets, originally released in 1977, is innovative fiddler Richard Greene's first album as a leader, after lending his considerable talents to Bill Monroe's Blue Grass Boys, Jim Kweskin and the Jug Band, and the acoustic fusion ensemble Seatrain. On Duets Greene is backed by a who's who of '70s players including bluegrass virtuosos Tony Rice, David Grisman, Tony Trischka and J.D. Crowe and jazz pianist Dave Frishberg, and his playing ranges from beautifully sublime to jaw-droppingly complex, often on the same arrangement.

1 Alabama Jubilee 02:26
2 Methodist Preacher 02:47
3 Danny Boy 02:54
4 The Young Man Who Wouldn't Hoe Corn 02:21
5 Twinkle Little Star 02:26
6 Fish Scale 03:56
7 Little Rabbit 03:42
8 The Tennessee Waltz 03:14
9 Nick's Noodle 04:07
10 Colored Aristocracy 02:27
11 Anouman 04:19

just duet.
vinyl | mp3 >192kbps vbr | w/ cover | 52mb

There are a few items in the Richard Greene discography which I have yet to lay my hands upon. I'd be eternally grateful to anyone who could contribute any of the following albums:
Richard Greene - The Blue Fiddler
The Greene String Quartet - Bluegreene
Richard Greene & the Red Hot Pickers

Thanks in advance!


Miguel said...

Thanks as usual Pirate!


that's all folk! said...


About you last post, Mike Marshall is a great listeners, and also a excellent player, of brazilian "choro" music.

He actually played here in Brazil ,several times, with the greteast brazilian mandolonists.

I went o see him twice: First, a couple of years ago in Rio de Janeiro, when I chatted with him a bit after the show about Big Mon, Ricky Skaggs and, oh well, George Bush, he's a great guy I can tell you.

The last ones was actually weeks ago, here in São Paulo, with a talented young brazilian mandolinist called Danilo Brito. Another wonderfull show.

Besides that, Mike did record two "choro" albuns with Hamilton de Holanda (another brazilian mandolim master). I'll see if I can rip one of these albuns to share if you, ok?

All the best,


that's all folk! said...

Hi there IC,

I think it will turn out to be an inter-blog chat lol.

Thanks for the MetamaMorpheus link, I will certainly register there (I'm very interested in that other Robin Bowen record you posted there)

Well, I am answering you here because I do have the mp3 files for a Mike Marshall and Mr. Ham (A.K.A. Hamilton de Holanda lol) album that you are looking for, Mike Marshall & Choro Famoso:

That is a great record. Great contemporary arrangements for great choro standarts as "1x0", together with some original tunes, plus some american music (there's even a unique blend of bluegrass and choro in the "Golden Eagle Hornpipe"!).

I will choose more brazilian music to share with you here, don't worry ;)

All the best,


jerrysalem said...

thanks for the nice tribute to one a great fiddler. Glad to hear he is still active!

majorcurry said...

Mr. Wrath,

Included in the entertaining and enlightened work you do is the referral to others who match your knowledge and passion. I refer to your link previously to Record Fiend. I have spent a couple of recent days there to my delight of discovery. Keep it up on all levels my friend!