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March 12, 2008

Joe Shannon & Johnny McGreevy - The Noonday Feast

Some really fine traditional Irish music, mostly duets between violin and uilleann pipes. Especially fine considering that both musicians are self-taught and have been living in Chicago most most of their lives. And remarkably fine sound quality considering it was recorded in a kitchen... But really. Both these players are outstanding, and the music is very raw and energetic.

Anyway, I don't know much else about these guys except what's written on the album, which you can read for yourself if you're interested. Not particularly haunting, avant-garde, influential, or any of the other qualifers for most of my posts. And the album can start to sound the same if you don't listen to much celtic music. But I like it all the same.

Joe Shannon & Johnny McGreevy - The Noonday Feast
Year: 1980
Label: Green Linnet
kick back and enjoy.
vinyl, cleaned | mp3 192+vbr | w/ covers | 77mb

check out this tracklist, more accurate than the one printed on the album.

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Joski said...

Irish music

You touched me in my soul. My brother in law being irish I have a lot of this stuff.

If you have any request - feel free

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Maybe by e-mail ?

What do you think ?