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April 5, 2008

The Irate Pirate on the Cover of Time

Well thanks for all your kind words everybody. And thanks to whoever paid off the editor of Time for me! It looks like I'm finally getting the recognition I deserve...


Anonymous said...

keep the good work!

westwardwall said...

I go away for a few hours and come back and you are on the cover of time looking even more like he of the name unspeakable. A good likeness is what God searches for in man. He goes through mounds and mounds of men casting most aside yelling. "no, not this one, not this one..." I saw him in Bury, Lancs. doing just that.
When I found the Time cover lying on the street in Manhattan, from that angle at that moment I decided, I preferred the cover from May 8 1939 much more that the Jan. 29, 1934 one. Did the angle of viewing mean something? Did it portend a casting down or a soon to be realized,promised ascension.