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October 13, 2008

some more noteworthy music blogs

So I'm still abrtoad, but I've settled down a bit and may even get around to blogging once in a while. We'll see. A quick perusal of my old haunts led me to find a few new and old gems lurking out in the wild wide interweb. So until I do get blogging, you'll have to make do with some of these great music blogs:

Times ain't like they used to be - Though he's just started out, he's already got a wealth of roots music covering at least 4 continents, and his selections are very much to my taste. Wild Greek Rebetiko, congolese soukous, rare vintage blues, Irish fiddle, early jazz, and top-notch folk by the likes of John Jacob Niles. It gets the full Irate Pirate "Aye" of approval, and you should all frequent it.

Henry's Archive - Many fine gems of Indian classical music here. So many, that he usually just abbreviates the names. For instance, NB is Nikhil Banerjee and VK is Vilayat Khan; 2 of the most amazing sitarists ever to record. So fear not if you don't recognize the name, the quality's there. Also american Rockonoclasts like Hendrix, Beefheart & Zappa

Mehfil-E-Mausiqi - Archival Audio Recordings of Indian Classical Music. "Utter Joy"

Magic of Juju - All styles; interesting writing; odd pictures; what more could you want? Well, they stopped about the same time as I. But plenty of treasure to be had in their trove, still.

We Love Music - Sure they have country music...pick a country. Really. No corner of the world is left out.

Haji Maji - "Scratchy Old Chinese Records" about covers it. Having just seen Pipa-ist Liu Fang in concert, you can bet I'll be gobbling this stuff up. I mean, seriously. What other country has a 3-string fiddle-banjo?

oh, and I should mention: if any of you find cool blogs or have one of your own, feel free to post a comment in this post. There's lots of buried treasure out there.


Anonymous said...

thank you I checked them all and they are all good but none of them is a real blues blog (and I mean good old country blues) can you please recommend a blog that would suit me.

The Irate Pirate said...

well, El Diablo Tun Tun has been in my links for a while so you've probably seen it, but some great old blues comes up there from time to time, though there's plenty of other pre-1950s music there too. And Merlin in Rags of course.

Then there's The Blues Club, also in my links, which is a blog in connection with a forum. If you have a good collection and are willing to contribute, the forum is the best place for you. It's run by the same guy who ran the BluesRoots blog before it got closed down. But mind you, you can't keep yourself so anonymous on a forum... but really you have nothing to fear.

Gadaya said...

Hello Mr irate pirate. Thanks for talking about my new blog "Times ain't like they used to be". Since there's not so many people here in France to share this kind of music, i'm glad there's the net... To Mr anonymous, be sure to check my blog from time to time 'cause i'm a big country blues devotee among other things..;

Anonymous said...

Can I shamelessly plug my blog . Contains well researched lists of personal favourite tracks in different genres. Just posted my first 'Acoustic Showcase' in which I promote unsigned and upcoming UK singer songwriters.

J. Scott Moore said...

Yep, I'll shamelessly plug my new blog. Please check it out, I'm just getting started @

spinning in air said...

pirate - I was a member of Blues Club for s short time, but here's the thing: I had/have very little that fits the forum's profile, so I ended up getting booted. I understand that you want to keep the group small, but the uploading requirements are pretty stringent - maybe too much so.


The Irate Pirate said...

well, i don't make the rules on the blues club, and i wouldn't say i agree with all the stringency... but so it is. actually, a lot of my uploads there were in the folk section. if you want to bolster your collection from non-blog sources you could try usenet: alt.binaries.sounds.mp3.blues or somesuch. Depends if your ISP gets binaries newsgroups though.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the nice blog. Here are some that I check frequently. Cheers!
ditchcat in the cornpatch


EL DIABLO TUN TUN (hillbilly, old timey, old blues, etc.)
password =

Password = bluestown

TWILIGHT ZONE! (various)


BROKEDOWN ENGINE (old blues, folk, etc.)

CROSSROADS CLUB 27 (blues, etc.)

FUNK MY SOUL BLOG (soul & funk albums)

UNCLE GIL'S ROCKIN' ARCHIVES (country, hillbilly, etc.)

DON'T ASK ME ... I DON'T KNOW (blues, etc.)

MERLIN IN RAGS (blues, folk, etc.)

TIMES AIN’T LIKE THEY USED TO BE (folk, world, etc.)

SOUL COMES HOME (northern soul)

FULLUNDIE (Motown soul & related)


password = dreumis


THE BODEGA (early-'70s soul, disco & funk)


The Irate Pirate said...

a couple more blues blogs:
and others you can find from their links.

Govindas Dream said...

hi there,
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we are moving, thats the reason, why you can't acces, ... I will post the link to our new blog, when we finished the new site :)

greetings, amadeus :)

Anonymous said...

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