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December 5, 2008

Rounder Guitar

Rounder Records is a label named after the first 'freak folk' band, the Holy Modal Rounders. They've released about two solid tons of great contemporary traditional music, encompassing a great many genres and traditions, giving a lot of artistic control to the musicians.

This collection focuses on their roster of incredible acoustic guitarists. Most of the guitarists here are flatpickers, each adding their own dimension to the foundation laid by the mighty Doc Watson and the never-satisfied Clarence White. A few notable others include the world king of the National Steel Guitar, Bob Brozman, and the stupendous stride guitar of Gus van Duser. All the pieces here pushed the boundaries of the musical norms of the time, and many are in that vaguely-defined genre-crossing style known as 'New Acoustic' or more commonly, Newgrass.

So give these guys a listen. Technically, they abound in skill and musically, there's some compelling (though often subtle) stuff happening here too. And if you like someone, well, go browse the Rounder website and get some more. Almost all of the artists here are still alive and performing. The exception is the late Clarence White, who's polyrhythmic Bury Me Beneath the Willow is enough to make any guitar player quit or get back to practicing (he's flatpicking and fingerpicking simultaneously, and syncopating like django).

VA - Rounder Guitar: Acoustic Guitar
Year: 1988
Label: Rounder
rounder, flatter, blacker
mp3 192kbps | w/ cover | 96mb

1 Tipper - Tony Rice - 3:36
2 Cowboy Calypso - Russ Barenberg - 3:49
3 Shambhala - Artie Traum - 2:27
4 Jalapeños - John Miller - 1:46
5 Viper's Drag - Guy VanDuser - 3:21
6 Obc, No. 3 - Norman Blake - 5:46
7 Pickin' in the World - Mark OConnor - 3:14
8 All in Good Time - Eric Schoenberg - 4:43
9 Oh, Lady Be Good - John Miller - 1:57
10 Halloween Rehearsal - Russ Barenberg - 4:15
11 Bully Samba - Jon Sholle - 3:48
12 Texas Gales - Norman Blake, Tony Rice - 3:36
13 Pretty Little Indian - Dan Crary - 4:56
14 It's Dark - Mike Marshall, Darol Anger - 5:22
15 Port Tobacco - Tony Rice - 4:45
16 Hawaiian Heat Waves Medley - Bob Brozman - 2:20
17 Black Beauty - Guy VanDuser - 3:18
18 Sídh Beag Agus Sídh Mór - Eric Schoenberg - 2:57
19 President Garfield's Hornpipe - Norman Blake - 2:24
20 Bury Me Beneath the Willow - Clarence White - 1:58

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Anonymous said...

A wonderful album, thanks so much! But it does seem to be missing track 19, yes?