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January 24, 2009

Yes We Did! - The Best of 2008

Avast, maties! I spy land on the horizon. Could this be what we've been waiting for? The dawning of a new era? The unfolding of a new whirled hors d'oeuvre? I'll leave you to decipher that one.

Though one must remember, it was a battle hard-won. We were assailed by charlatanical homophobics, intemperate capitalists, and pugnaciously impetuous militants. You know the ones I mean.

But we shook off their cannonfire, wiped off our poop deck, and kept our sights straight: our course never veering from numero uno, that great glory of glories, treasure among treasure-- I am speaking of course about the quest for the crown of captaincy, the staff of superintendence, the throne of directorship. Directorship for what? To direct a sinking ship! To navigate out from these tempestuous waves to a bed of more peaceful, prosperous brine.

Mission 1 accomplished:
After a savage duel the fell antagonist revealed his true nature: a bloodthirsty creature from beyond the deep, solely focussed on world domination. This sanguinary hellion reared its ugly head and spat acid bile at our noble hero. But Captain Brackbeard, our saintly skipper, would not be thwarted, instead turning his shield of truth to deflect the monster's attack. Then, with his sword of justice, Brackbeard pierced the swine's veil of lies and scored the creature in its gaping lack-of-heart cavity. Thus punctured, the demon gave up its ghost and promptly discontinued its earthly dominion.

And there was much rejoicing.

Our righteous vanquisher then withstood several attempted mutinies (seemingly based on the hue of his epidermis) and set about the task of evicting the suit-clad aliens from our great vessel's treasury. Finally, upon ascendance to the helm, Captain Brackbeard proclaimed a new era of armistice and affluence, gathered unto himself a noble cr
ew and prepared to launch this resplendent corsair fleet into the great foggy unknown.

O fortuna!

To celebrate this remarkable year, I've gathered some of its musical highlights together. I tried to make a mix-cd at the new year, but it swelled to 2 discs and the stormy weather diverted my course (blowing a tree onto my phone-line in the process). The tracks contained within are my favorite tracks from my favorite albums released in 2
008, presented in no particular order. I didn't count any re-issues, compilations or archive-issues (such as the great Capt. Beefheart album). Though much of the work draws upon tradition, it is all contemporary in spirit and execution; I left out any music that was strictly traditional (such as the great young sitarist Tejendra Majumdar). Actually, since I haven't been anywhere near a record store most of the year (and wouldn't have found this stuff in most of 'em anyways), most of this music was found on blogs, forums, and other domains of musical mischeif. Many of them are new to me, and I indend to do some pocket-digging and support some of them in times to come.

The compilation is a healthy mix of guitar soli, progressive bluegrass, world fusion, and skewed visions of americana, representative of much of this blog's content. In other words, if you're reading this, chances are you'll like listening to it.

My favorite track? I'd have to go with Louisiana Red & Stelios Vamkaris - I Fantasia Stin Eksousia, from their album "Blues meets Rembetika" -- a first of its kind as far as I'm aware.

At the moment, the wind is knocking out my connection again, so my itunes-snapshot-tracklist will have to come later. Guess you get to DL it mystery-style! Tracklist is below.

Yes We Did! - The Best of 2008
3 parts; various bit rates

Yes | We | Did!


Anonymous said...

Three cheers to you Irate Pirate and the new frontier that lies ahead for this great nation of ours. Yes we did. I haven't had a chance to listen what you posted, but I will. I've been busy with other things than mine own post. So, much music I'm into. I'm working on another page for another style of music I'm into. Who knows maybe by the year end I will have fifty pages. I've been working on my music and maybe will have that posted by the year end. Great post and well said. I couldn't agree anymore with you. YES WE DID!!! Hip hip hooray!!!

brujo said...

Thank goodness the warmongers have been thrown out and hopefully the everyday people of all races genders and whatever sexual persuasion will see positive change. three cheers

archer said...

well the music may be good but this post ranges from naively silly to vile.

america is losing its collective mind.

Herb Levy said...

For some reason I can't get the playlist to show up in a larger version, so I can't get your sequencing for these tracks. Is there some way you could redo this?

The Irate Pirate said...

tracklist should be fixed now. but i didn't have a play order; too many tracks that i put together in too short amount of time. they're just listed in alphabetical order by artist. so feel free to hit the random button and let chance be your guide! or sequence them however you like; they should just fit onto 2 cds.

Anonymous said...

Great collection, thanks for the DL. Love to see the Yoshida Brothers represented here. Ibuki is one of their first albums, though, and it was released in Japan in 1999. YB recorded the song again for the 2007 album Hishou, a wonderful CD.

HungryFreaks said...

Nice playlist, nice music, as usual... Now let's hope for a better (nice) world!

julien said...


et merci


julien said...

ooops !
i've problems with the first part !
(a zero octet file !)

is it normal ?

i try with IE ...maybe

five minutes later : it's OK with IE - it seems i've problems with FF.
bizarre !