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February 4, 2009

God's mighty hand: Gospel evangelists

I love it when people request things that I was about to post anyway. This album is the first in a run of several religious/gospel posts, again thanks to the venerable Lemmy Caution.

More hair-raising, slide-wielding, resurrection-invoking, fret-bending, hellfire-and-brimstone-sermonizing, hand-clapping, uber-righteous mothers and fathers of flocks from long ago and far away. This is wild, blazing stuff. I defy you to listen and not find yourself clapping, jumping up and down, and screaming out loud in a torrentuous, repentuous, unconventuous frenzy!

The picture above is Guitar Evangelist Cora Fluker, photographed by Bill Steber in Marion, Mississippi, 1996. Cora Fluker lives at the end of a dirt cul-de-sac in Marion, MS surrounded by her children and their families. She built herself a small church with scrap building materials next door to her home where on Sundays, she still sometimes preaches using her guitar to play repeating riffs beneath emotional, spontaneously-created songs that preach the word of God. She is equally adept at the traditional vocal technique she calls "moaning" which mixes heartfelt testifying with a hummed and moaned melody. This type of singing was common in African-American churches in the South until modern hymns began replacing it starting in the 1940's. Fluker said she also sang blues when she was a girl, until her mother told her to quit singing the devil's music and get saved. So she went into the woods and prayed on her knees until the Lord saved her, and she's been singing for him ever since.

And no, she's not featured in the compilation, but she's the inheritor of the tradition pioneered by those who are presented here. The material here was gathered from rare 78s issued in the 1940's and 50's.

VA - God's Mighty Hand: Gospel Evangelists
Label: Interstate Music (Heritage 09)
Year: 1992 (comp)

1 - Rev Utah Smith - God's Mighty Hand.mp3
2 - Sister O.M. Terrell - The Gambling Man.mp3
3 - Rev. Anderson Johnson - Let That Liar Pass On By.mp3
4 - Mary Deloatch - The Lord's Gospel Train.mp3
5 - Lottie Bracy - I Had A Dream.mp3
6 - Henry Green - Strange Things.mp3
7 - Rev Utah Smith - I Want Two Wings.mp3
8 - Rev. Anderson Johnson - If I Could Only Hear My Mother Pray Again.mp3
9 - Willie Mae Williams - Where The Sun Never Goes Down.mp3
10 - Willie Mae Williams - Don't Want To Go There.mp3
11 - Evangelist Sister Winn - Building On The Good Place.mp3
12 - Evangelist Sister Winn - Higher & Higher.mp3
13 - Sister Mathews - Stand By Me.mp3
14 - Rev Charles White - How Long.mp3
15 - Henry Green - Storm Through Mississippi.mp3
16 - Elder R Wilson And Family - This Train.mp3
17 - Elder R Wilson And Family - Gonna Wait Till A Change Comes.mp3
18 - Sister O.M. Terrell - Life Is A Problem.mp3
19 - Rev. Anderson Johnson - God Don't Like It.mp3
20 - Brother Willie Eason - There'll Be No Grumblers There.mp3
21 - Brother Willie Eason - I Want To Live (So God Can Use Me).mp3
22 - Joe Townsend - If I Could Not Say A Word.mp3
23 - Joe Townsend - Going Over The Hill.mp3
24 - McEnnis Jones - Do Lord.mp3
25 - McEnnis Jones - Will The Circle Be Unbroken.mp3

higher and higher!
192 kbps mp3 | full scans

thanks Lemmy


tal said...

Thank you. Your work is much appreciated.

Brakhage said...

Thanks! Great comp.

jb said...

Thanks for the this and the other gospel posts to Eddie Constantine, Paris and Godard.