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June 20, 2009

Sabicas - Recital de Guitarra Flamenca, Vols. 1-3

Thanks to the generous contributions of Miguel, we present you with 3 more discs of Sabicas! These are his vintage recordings, and they are superb. I'm pretty sure the discs were only released in Spain, so you can grab them without guilt!

Sabicas - Recital de guitarra flamenca. Vol. 1
Grabaciones de 1930-1940.

1993 Fonografica Del Sur 7019

The first volume of a compilation that covers the historical evolution of the guitar master. It includes recordings from the early period, between 1930 and 1940, a period during which the Spanish Civil War sent Sabicas into exile, and which represented a point of inflection for both his artistic and personal trajectories. In these years he travelled all over South America with the bailaora Carmen Amaya. His speed and clean execution surprised every audience. The technique of his right hand was supplemented by the meter and depth of flamenco.

1. Granaína
2. Farruca
3. Soleares
4. Garrotín
5. Rondeñas
6. Seguirillas
7. Tarantas
8. Alegrías
9. Malagueñas
10. Fandangos

Sabicas - Recital de guitarra flamenca. Vol. 2
Grabaciones de 1930-1940.

1993 Fonografica Del Sur 7037

The second volume of this compilation, which summarises the decade during which Sabicas experienced a radical change. His work accompanying the best cantaores of the time helped him to conceive a more personal form of guitar playing, with an unmistakeable technique. The freedom that he sought through his exile found its expression in the guitar.

1. Capricho Andaluz
2. Zapateado
3. Caleta y el limonar
4. Mosaico tropical
5. Bulerías
6. Noche de Arabia
7. Piropo a la bulería
8. Malagueña
9. Alegrías
10. Sevillanas

Sabicas - Recital de guitarra flamenca. Vol. 3
Grabaciones de 1930-1940.

1993 Fonografica Del Sur 7038

Sabicas introduced and developed most of the techniques used nowadays in modern flamenco guitar.

1. Bodas de Luis Alonso
2. Fantasía Inca
3. Malagueña
4. Guajira
5. Farruca
6. Zardas
7. Gran jota
8. Milonga
9. Danza mora
10. Aires del norte
11. Capricho español

3 CD's in one folder: grab the grabaciones
mp3 320 kbps | "booklet" scans | 251mb

thanks Miguel!


astarte said...

Fantastic. This is a substantial compilation of his works

Jeremy said...
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Jeremy said...

Wow. Beautiful, just beautiful. Thanks Manuel and IP. I'd not really known where to look for "real" flamenco, whatever I thought that meant - not some tourist-oriented junk I guess. This feels like what I was after. Where next? Hmm, that's a bit greedy I guess! This will keep me going for a while.

Anonymous said...

Amazing, beautiful passionate stuff. Thanks so much for providing them.


Anonymous said...

i tried it just for curiosity, cause it's really far from what i usually listen. it's... simply wonderful. thanks, really.

J. Scott Moore said...

Bravo! I thought I had about all the Sabicas a mna could want...but I see some gems in here!
And thanks to Miguel as well...hehehe...poet that I am (not).
BTW Pirate, Paco Pena is coming to town, holy crap, might want to catch that show!