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December 6, 2009

Unearthed: A Bounty of Flying Fish!

A devoted grapeviner has stumbled across and acquired a great buried treasure, in the form of dozens of Flying Fish and other old LPs, at a garage sale. Flying Fish, as many of my posts demonstrate, was one of the premier folk-and-beyond labels, along with Folkways and Folk Legacy (also represented here). Their early releases were universally good. I'm not sure about their later releases, which is the bulk of what you'll find here, but I'm betting there's some gems in the lot.

Anyways, she's offering these LPs to anyone who wants to digitize and post them. Fellow bloggers, devoted listeners, take note! Here's a great chance to make a contribution to the music blogosphere and get a collectible item to boot! Here's her letter & vinyl list:

Thanks for taking a look. The garage guy said he snapped these up for next to nothing when Flying Fish discontinued vinyl around 1989. Most of them were played once to make cassette copies. Some are still unopened. He considered ripping them for his iPod, but decided he's too old to spend the time. I thought I had a sure taker to rip these, but after a week of searching. I'm starting to wonder if I imagined this post. My equipment and skills just aren't up to the task.

Here's the list. If you need more info on anything, let me know. You're welcome to anything you promise to rip. Hopefully you'll share it in the blog. If not, send me copies and I'll find a blog home if I have to start one myself. You're getting first pick. I'll shop it around elsewhere after a week 

If you know of likely takers for the stuff that's not your line of country, thanks for any leads. I feel a karmic duty to keep the garage guy collection alive.

Flying Fish and Mountain Railroad
0323 Anne Romaine - Take a Stand
3084 Artie Traum - Take a Stand
3914 Artie Traum - Life on Earth
        Artie Traum and Pat Alger - From the Heart
0509 Aztec Two-Step - See, It Was Like This
        Becky Thompson - After All This Time
0400 Bell and Shore - Little Movies
0325 Blue Riddim Band - Live in Jamaica
0255 Blue Riddim Band - Restless Spirit
0437 Bonnie Koloc - With You on My Side
        Bonnie Koloc - Wild and Recluse
0242 Cathy Winter - Breath on My Fire
        Cherish the Ladies (first LP
0468 Critton Hollow - Great Dreams
0497 Dave Mallett - For a Lifetime
0060 Don Lange - Natural Born Heathen
0222 Don Lange - Live
0039 Ellipsis
8000 Emery Christiansen - Between Planes
0418 File - Cajun Dance Band
0457 The Flips - What's in the Bright Pink Box?
        Fred Small - No Limit 
        Fred Small - I Will Stand Fast
0436 Geof Morgan - Talk It Over
0277 Geof Morgan - Finally Letting It Go
0353 George Gritzbach - All American Song
0432 Glenda Faye - Flatpickin' Favorites
0391 Guy Carawan - The Land Knows You're There
        Happy Traum - Bright Morning Star
        VA: The Heartbeat of Soweto
0044 Howie Bursen - Building Boom
0482 Jan Marra - These Crazy Years
2782 Jim Kweskin - Lives Again
0365 Jim Page - Visions in My View
0331 John O'Connor - Songs for Our Times
0443 Jonathan Stevens - Creationland
0376 Laura Burns and Roger Rosen - Light This Night
1992 Lenny Anderson - Hot Off the Press
0458 Linda Allen - Women's Work
0439 Linda Waterfall - Body English
0308 Lorraine Duisit - Hawks and Herons
        Lorraine Lee and Bennett Hammond - Light as a Feather
0405 Mark Nelson - Southern Light
0485 Patricia Shih - Leap of Faith
0256 Peter Alsop - Uniforms
0078 Phil Rosenthal - Indian Summer
0324 Preston Reed - Playing By Ear
0428 Robin Flower - Babies With Glasses
0326 Robin Flower, First Dibs
0359 Robin and Linda Williams - Nine Till Midnight
0327 Robin and Linda Williams - Close As We Can Get
0499 Roy Forbes - Love Turns to Ice
0399 Ruth Pelham - Look to the People
3425 Sally Rogers and Claudia Schmidt - Closing the Distance
0202 Sam Chatmon and the Barbecue Boys
0312 Si Kahn - Unfinished Portraits
0479 Skyline - Fire of Grace
0388 Tony Trischka and Skyline - Skyline Drive
4015 VA - Songs for Peace
0306 Steve Lyon - There's No Place Like MArs
0498 Velma Frye - I Am to Someone
3065 Woodstock Mountains Revue - Back to Mud Acres

Andrew Rowan Summers - Christmas Carols with Dulcimer
Doc Scott's Old-Time Medicine Show - World's Most Unusual Songs
George Davis, the Singing Miner - When Kentucky Had No Union Men
Gerry Axelrod and Robert Macklin - Songs of Nature and the Environment
Kevin Roth - After the Rain
Kevin Roth - Women
Kevin Roth - New Wind
Kevin Roth - The Other Side of the Mountain
Kevin Roth - The Living and Breathing Wind
Kevin Roth - The First Few WordsLiz Getz - How Can I Keep from Singing
Ron Turner - Self Titled
Tom Morgan - Bluegrass with Friends and Family
Tracy and Eloise Schwartz - Down Home With
VA - Hootenanny Tonight

Folk Legacy
Helen Schneyer - Ballads, Broadsides and Hymns
Ed Trickett - The Telling Takes Me Home

Red Clay Ramblers - Soundtrack to Sam Shepard's Far North
Doc and Merle Watson and the Texas Playboys - Soundtrack to Places in the Heart
Clam Chowder - For Here or To Go
Michael Tomlinson - Still Believe
Eric Bogle - Singing the Spirit Home
Alice Gerrard and Mike Seeger
Tom Paxton - Even a Gray Day
Mike Cross - Rock 'n' Rye
Mike Cross - Prodigal Son
Mike Cross - Born in the Country
Makem and Clancy - We've Come a Long Way
Kell Street Camp Meeting - Dinner and Joy on the Ground
The Star Accordion Band - Scottish Favorites Vol. 2
VA- The Greater Antilles Sampler
VA - Songs and Dances of Vandee
Mikron Theatre Company - Songs of the Canals and Waterways of Great Britain
Mary O'Hara - At the Toyal Festival Hall
David Philoe - Seychelles
Yulya - Sings Her Favorite Russian Songs

A fair number of these artists are probably forgotten for good reason. Tendentious movement and preachy new-agey song titles. Self-righteous liner notes. Smug faces on the covers. I'll eventually skim it all, and would be delighted to discover my cruel first impressions were wrong. But I'm sure there's somebody out there who loved the crusading union printer/songwriter  Lenny Anderson. It takes all kinds. And the web has a home for all of it, I'm sure. I just don't want to be the person who sent the last surviving copy of Patricia Shih's proudest gift to the landfill. 

anyone who would like to take on the task of ripping and posting some of these should contact
johannalapp at that yahoo place dot com
and then leave a comment in this post or email me and her once the file is uploaded. Or, if you have a blog of your own, post it there and leave a note in the comments.

and a word about ripping vinyl:
If you feel inclined to rip a vinyl and digitize it, and have the equipment and time to go through with the task, why settle for less than the best sound quality? I mean, pops & clicks have their charm, but they don't really add that much to the music. That said, I'd always rather have an album with pops & clicks than one that's been 'over-cleaned'. Most of the vinyl ripping programs out there have built-in 'de-clickers' which apply a single algorithm and wipe out all the high frequency sounds, resulting in a sound that is devoid of pops & crackles and also devoid of most of the musical excitement, sounding like a blanket has been draped over the speakers. If you listen on a laptop or built-in computer speakers, you may not be able to notice the difference. But if you listen on good speakers, these over-cleaned recordings sound HORRIBLE. Worse than cassettes. So please, if you do rip and share some of these, either leave the scratches as they are or use this excellent program: ClickRepair, which cleans without sacrificing the music or audio quality. Then, share mp3s of a high quality (192kbps and above). Photograph or scan the front & back covers, if you can, for an even better share.

Let the fish fly!!!


Johanna Lapp said...

I snatched these up on impulse after reading a post somewhere bemoaning the wide swath of Flying Fish LPs that were never re-released on CD. I think DON LANGE was the main topic of that post. If that rings a bell for anyone, I'd be much obliged for any leads. Again: johannalapp at yahoo dot you know

joetomrud said...

I asked about the Flying Fish albums - well done for remembering! I was mainly interested in The Red Clay Ramblers (who don't seem to be on the list) and Don Lange, but my other unavailable LPs are all there (Steve Lyon, Si Kahn, Guy Carawan, Woodstock Mountain Review etc)

I'm in Ireland, and have no way/skills to make use of this treasure trove, so sadly I will be of no help to you. I hope the project works out, and let us know when it comes to fruition.

Joe in Dublin.

SM said...


Love your blog, and thing I find here from time to time.

Posted a few Rounder/Flying Fish's on

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