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March 18, 2010

Disappearing blogs

Well my inbox has received a number of inquiries as to the situation of Merlin-in-Rags and Friends of Old-Time Music blogs, which both went private within a few days of each other back in December. I don't know what happened, I don't have an invite, and as far as I can assume, for some reason they decided to shut down the blog without actually completely deleting it.

And all would be lost.

But there's a fellow 'round these parts, goes by the name of 'Grapeseeder'. He's been hard at work over at the Trout Mask Replicator and is achieving remarkable Frankensteinian results. You might like to take a look.

Oh, and don't forget, if this here ship does sink, chances are it'll be found floating over in those waters. You might want to bookmark it ;-)

By the way, if either Joski56 or Rounder is reading this, I invite them to share what happened, either in the comments or privately. And know that you are missed, fellow bloggers of the old weird America.


Kegan said...

So, just so I understand this, all this is is a collection of the cover art for the music that was present on the blogs; there's no actual media links?

Just want to make sure. If that's the case, let's pray my hard drive can be rescued.

Sigh...stupid legal system lol

Dool Grimney said...

Thanks for all the good music. Hope you can keep it up. Good luck to all of us.

exilestreet said...

Thanx for the's the yurt going?

Dylan Macnab said...

Hey, thanks for the link friend. I'll surely return the favor! When I get some free time, I'll also take a closer look at you're blog. From what I've seen it looks promising.

-Dylan (The Pursuit of Folk)

The Irate Pirate said...

It's a collection of the cover art, and the text, and the links to the music. Basically, it's a snapshot of the blog as it existed when it was shut down. The Merlin-In-Rags archive opens in your browser and functions just like it did when alive. The FoOTM is in a .rtfd format, which on a mac opens in a text editor and functions like a webpage, with links intact.

As to whether the links to the music are still alive or not I don't know. cRapidshare did a big change of its rules and deletes anything not dl'd over a 60 day period. But all the ones I've tried still work, at least.

You're welcome. I hope so too!

Great! See my previous post for more

Great! Found you from your comment at Times Ain't Like They Used to Be.