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May 19, 2010


ahoy. i dig your blog. you might enjoy gangstagrass:

Hey Gangstagrass, nice tunes! Good timing too, as I'm focusing on experimental bluegrass right now. You know, it's rather surprising that there haven't been more bluegrass/hip-hop fusions. If Peter Rowan can make Reggaebilly... And I'm also impressed that the musicianship is top-notch and the drums never get in the way of the other instruments, which usually happens when you stick a drum kit in a bluegrass band. Take a listen, y'all...

and Jason said:

ahoy! thanks very much for posting about the band, and i'm glad you like the tunes.

if anyone is looking for more info, the new album, produced by Rench, is:

T.O.N.E-Z - vocals
Rench - vocals, beats, guitar
Matt Check - vocals, banjo
Todd Livingston - resonator guitar
Jason Cade - fiddle
Roy Shimmyo - bass
PREPMODE - turntables
Jen Larson - vocals

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