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January 8, 2011

Björn Ståbi & Ole Hjorth - Folk Fiddling from Sweeden: Traditional Fiddle Tunes from Dalarna

Brilliant strange music here. There is something so mysterious about traditional Scandinavian music. It comes in circles, but instead of the kind of circle that brings you back to the same place you started (as occurs in American, Celtic, and many other traditional dance musics), each return brings you to a new level. So essentially, it is a spiral. And there are spirals within each spiral. So really, this is fractal music, as organic as a tree's branching roots, a clouds billowing edges, or a river's forking delta.

It is cold music too. Every happy june day is still tinged with the memory of the long dark winter, and this feeling comes through in every solitary note, which maintains its loneliness even when singing the most beautiful birdsong.

Sweeden has become known for its Nickelharpa, the 19-string keyed fiddle of medieval origins. But while these recordings do not feature its sound, they always reference its church-like droning harmonies and brittle melodies.

Take a walk in the crisp winter air after listening to this music, and see if you can find the hidden flowers in the sky.

Björn Stabi probably was the first traditional Swedish fiddler to perform in the United States when he appeared in a duet with Ole Hjorth at the Newport Folk Festival about thirty years ago. Their performances, filled with sonorous harmonies and exotic melodies, were a life changing moment for many listeners. Stabi remains one of the most renowned folk fiddlers in Sweden. Bjorn Stabi's Orsalater (GIGA 35) is his first album of tunes from his ancestral home of Orsa. Apparently the project was unrehearsed, recording old tunes as they popped into his memory. There some jarring but tasty non-tempered notes, usually said to speak for the considerable age of a piece.

Björn is the current tradition bearer of Orsa's rich musical heritage. Björn was recognized as a riksspelman (Zorn Silver) back in 1961 and in 1986 he was tapped for the highest honor a Swedish folk musician can receive—The Zorn Gold. Lisa earned the Zorn Silver medal in 1999.

Björn Ståbi & Ole Hjorth - Folk Fiddling from Sweeden: Traditional Fiddle Tunes from Dalarna

Label: Elektra Nonesuch
Year: ?

For more information, please click the back cover below.

A1. Skullbräddleken - 2:30
A2. Vals - 2:54
A3. Polska - 2:10
A4. Systerpolska - 1:34
A5. Noaks Gånglåt - 3:00
A6. Säckpipslåt - 0:45
A7. Hjortingens Polska - 2:10
A8. Vallåt - 1:08
B1. Polska In G - 1:37
B2. Långdans - 1:56
B3. Polska - 2:55
B4. Gånglåt - 1:12
B5. Gråtlåten - 1:46
B6. Vallåt - 1:10
B7. Skänklåt - 1:49

Side A contains tunes from throughout the province of Dalarna (after the tradition of various fiddlers):
track A1 is a wedding-tune from Mockfjärd,
track A2 is a waltz from Orsa,
track A3 is a dance-tune from Enviken,
track A4 is a dance-tune from Orsa,
track A5 is a walking-tune from Orsa,
track A6 is a bagpipe-tune from Gagnef,
track A7 is a dance-tune from Bingsjö,
track A8 is a herding-tune from Orsa.

Side B contains tunes from Rättvik parish, Dalarna (after the tradition of Hjort Anders Olsson, Bingsjö).

vinyl, cleaned | mp3 >256kbps vbr | w/ cover

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