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February 20, 2011

Chinese Instrumental Ensemble - Masterpieces Of Chinese Traditional Music

And while we're deep in the orient, here's a great instrumental album from China. While previously I've posted some solo records, here is a full-on ensemble piece that swells and booms and crashes and caresses like a chorus of waves. The music is a journey of splendor, repose, and yearning.

Though holding strong to the Chinese tradition, it draws upon a few western elements (like the Cello), and should prove much more accessible to western ears than, say, Chinese opera. The ehr-hu player, Jie-Bing Chen, released an album with Béla Fleck and V.M. Bhatt a few years back, called 'Tabula Rasa', which is fantastic. She's top class, and the rest of the musicians are too. Give it a try? 


Chinese Instrumental Ensemble - Masterpieces Of Chinese Traditional Music

Year: 1994
Label: Wind

There are not enough words to describe the exquisite joy in the heartbreakingly beautiful music on Masterpieces of Chinese Traditional Music. Loving care was put into the recording and performances on every track. The blending of traditional Chinese instruments such as the erzu and the guzheng will transport you to a lush moss garden, even if you're stuck in a traffic jam. This is healing music, plain and simple. ~ Tim Sheridan

engineered by Kavichandran Alexander using the warm tones of vacuum tube and analog equipment and the unique acoustics of an old church in Santa Barabara, CA to preserve the richness of this ancient music 

Recording information: Christ the King Chapel, St. Anthony Seminary, Santa Bar.

Arrangers: Guo-Hui Ye; Xiao-Gu Zhu.

Personnel: Min Xiao-Fen (pipa); Jie-Bing Chen (erhu); Bei Chen (cello); Yang-Qin Zhao (yang-chin).

1. Dancing Song of the Yao Tribe - Traditional - 8:16
2. The Moon Over Wall Gate in Frontier - Traditional - 6:31
3. The Moon Is High in the Heavens - Traditional - 12:17
4. Parting at Yang Guan - Traditional - 5:28
5. Spring Rivers and Flowers Under the Moonlight - Traditional - 9:53
6. Melodies From the Night Fishermen - Traditional - 7:54
7. A Legendary Couple: Scholar Liang and Lady Chou - Traditional - 13:56

the moon is full, resting on your keyboard. or alternate link
mp3 >256kbps vbr | w/ cover


gypsykat said...

It has taken a few days for me to sit down and listen to this recording. Now that I have actually heard it, I can say that it is exceptionally fine.

Thank you, Pirate!

Adeidos said...

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