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March 21, 2012

A little update

Hello, to all readers who haven't given up on this blog for the lack of updates. It's ok, you can give up now!

It's been almost a year since my last post, and I'm not any closer to having either the time or the consistent internet connection to maintain it. I live off-grid, in what looks at night to be a great wooden spaceship. I have to travel to use the internet, and so my time on it is strictly reserved for business. And, to make matters worse, most of the files have expired in some form or other, and I certainly don't have the time or bandwidth to re-upload them.

I have not abandoned music of course. Far from it! I now have a gaggle of instruments that I'm in some stage of learning (guitar, banjo, washboard, bones, bouzouki, baglama, pipa, slide guitar, drum, cavaquinho, etc…). I also host a regular celtic session, play in a Tom Waitsy jug band, perform as a storyteller, and I'm the music director of a local community radio station (leave it to a pirate to be on the radio…). I continue to listen to new music with wide ears an spread its wonder and beauty to those I know. I continue studying the world around me, celebrating the seasons and learning to live a regenerative life. If anything, the major difference in my activity is that it now takes place principally in the material world rather than the cyber world. And I am happy for that.

There were hundreds of albums I still wanted to share. Half of them were uploaded and I never found the time to write about them. Ah well. There are always things left undone. Maybe someday I'll get back to it, if my life goes in that direction. But I do not see that life before me right now, so I am not expecting it.

So, I hope you can all accept the sweet death of this blog, and my activities in updating it. I'll leave all the posts, though there's scarcely any music to be found there anymore. But hopefully what I've shared, both in sound and in words, has helped to open a few doors, and I hope that wherever those doors lead you, you follow them into the beautiful unknown.

Happy equinox, and may all of your plantings grow in good time.

With Irascible Love,
The Irate Pirate


Anonymous said...

Go well, Cap'n!

May fair winds and snug harbours be your lot.

- Bosun Higgs

yotte said...

Thank you, IP. I appreciate you leaving the posts. Your writings have been as educational and as enjoyable as their subjects.

You've been missed! and still will be.

Anonymous said...

Sorry to see you go. Hope you change your mind some day!--Bill

nauma said...

Wish you a happy and fruitful life Captain IP. and to keep on sharing knowledge,passion and beauty.
maybe we'll meet again sometime~ out there on the open sea....
sail well!

Anonymous said...

May a fair wind (from the South of Ireland perhaps) help you make your way.
It was nice to know you, nicer to hear you play!
Regards, Bottleneck

Anonymous said...

HOpe all goes well for you and that your wooden spaceship sails the fields of stars.

If you're ever back in internet-land, know that there's a group of readers out here that have very much enjoyed your taste in music over the years and would love to do so again...

The Irate Pirate said...

Oh, and for those who care to leave a comment, here's a little treat:
The Irate Pirate playing with some of his friends, in a rather mysterious improvisation based off a couple of riffs by John Fahey and Reverend Glasseye.
The Singing Nettles - Carnival in Valhalla

Anonymous said...

Long live the IP. Thanks for opening ears and minds.

Jeremy said...

Oh IP, no-one could begrudge you living in the material world (but not a material world of course). I was thinking of visiting there myself to at least redress the balance between my digital and offline life, if not to leave the former behind (I need to make a living). Glad to hear you're in a happy place and sharing your passions with those around you. One last time: thank you for opening all those ears, and fare thee well, sailor

Jeremy said...

PS your new life sounds fucking wonderful :)

kokolo said...

Nice to know you are ok, so nice you left a note, live long and prosper :)

Anonymous said...

Does anyone have the Irate Pirate's Roots of John Fahey collection? The download links are down, and it looks like the demiurge has moved on. It would be a shame to see such a set disappear without a trace.

Anonymous said...

Is that an orchide that your offering us ?
If yes :
which , where & when ?
I'll check back every day , as usual !

psb said...

hey pirate! thanks for the update, glad to hear you are still tickling the strings- was wonderin'... reality is pressing at this end of the pond too - best wishes to you for the fall season -psb

Anonymous said...

Dear IP
Still roaming through your files and discovering gems

You've left a great legacy for us folkies; those who share music for the love of the music.

lekarm said...

Thanks your contributions have extended the resonance quality of my life of offer a hug and a shoulder rub thru the ether of all.