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January 17, 2011

A Jukebox of Ghosts


I've been enjoying your blog for a while so I thought I'd give you a holler. The collection of music you present is awesomely eclectic and esoteric, and your descriptions are fantastic: "It's like when you're a baby, laying in your crib, and the voice of the mighty one comes to you, and tells you you're going to live to see the death of all the world." Damn! Thank you for the endless hours of musical exploration (laced with the occasional Borges reference) you've made possible.

I started my own blog, The Vanished Hand (, back in May to explore my interest in the old, weird, and macabre, including music, poetry, photography, and anything else that strikes me. I'm just trying to let it take its own course. It is still quite young, but I thought you might be interested.

Dude. That's a fantastic new blog. I really like how you mix it up with the poetry, photography, etc, and then link these historical events to contemporary performances from a wide variety of styles. Any place that brings together sea monsters and Dock Boggs, Sigur Rós, Tim Eriksen, Mark Twain (in animated stereographic format), and boys with their heads thrown back in pangs of agonecstasy (a new word as of now) is worth my time. I haven't even read what you've written yet, and already I like it.

In fact, I've been wanting to expand a little bit from music and the occasional bit of poetry, and do some posts on art, cinema, etc. So I think I just might, spurred by your anthropoarchaic interperipheral excursions.

So perk your heads up readers: this one's a keeper.

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