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May 1, 2008

posts by brujo

oh, and i almost forgot. the outstanding blog visitor brujo has posted several fine albums here (and at several other blogs), in the comments section. i intended to make them into full posts but never got around to it. so here are his fine gifts, along with his commentary, for those of you who don't always read the comments:

Amos Garrett - Third Man In
HI,being a fan of Amos Garrett and enjoying downloading quite a few of your posts thought you may appreciate this album (Third man in ) on Stony plain some exquisite moments particularly his solo on (But I do )
enjoy regards brujo

Hamza El Din - Oud music of Nubia
HI. just uploaded this for you
regards brujo

Davy Graham - Folk, Blues & Beyond
HI,me again you may like this album by Davy Graham he was also influenced by Oud music I uploaded quite a while back he was a seminal influence on British guitar players .
regards brujo

thanks brujo!


Anonymous said...

Good luck and many, many thanks!
Great Blog!

Anonymous said...

Such a great blog. I hope you will be back one day. Until then, I hope everything goes well for you.

All the best.

Anonymous said...

Thank you so much for this excellent blog! I've learned so much about musicians I'd otherwise probably wouldn't know about. It has been a great discovery.

All the best, good luck, and do come back one day!