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December 26, 2008

Seventy-Eight Records

Hey everybody. There's a great new blog that's just popped up, especially for you Old-Time and Fahey fans. It's called Mr. Kev's Old Time Tunes. It's the latest of the Grapevine-inspired blogs, so welcome Mr. Kev into our blog-family and pay him a visit at Toad Hall. Who knows, you may even leave with a few presents in your pocketses.

Update: Blog removed, read about it in the comments. He's down but not out, you'll just have to be a super-sleuth to find him now.

Thanks Mr. Kev!


Anonymous said...

Thank you for the kind words and shameless plug. (laughing) I'll always be posting something good in quality and never in quantity. I recently picked some hot Yiddish jazz from the 1920's until about the mid 1950's from one of my favorite labels out there Yazoo Records. Guaranteed to have you swinging from the ceiling. Thank you again.

The Irate Pirate said...

wow, i've never seen a blog disappear so soon after starting. and you were off to a really great start too. what happened?

Anonymous said...

Too much attention drawn to it. Someone objected to my a couple of my crew mates. First mate, Santa and Second mate, Woody. Their fired some good shots at the bow of the ship. So, instead of letting taking a part my beautiful ship piece by piece. I sunk the old gal myself. Have no fear I'm have a new ship that has set sail late last night, but this time I'm keeping a low key. These are dangerous waters. I have a suspected feeling that some mutineers found there way aboard the ship the same ones who found their way upon yours and Brokedownengines old boat. It's a gut a feeling. A man who sailed who these waters as long I have can smell the difference between a fish and a mermaid. Becareful, I would invest in siome cannons for yer ship. Goodluck and keep the wind to your sails.

archer said...

damn! a very short war.

Anonymous said...

I opted to throw the towel in. I just want to keep my page small and simple. It became in small amount of time from a hill to a mountain. It was too much to manage. I thought I would be to handle the responsibility of all the request. Then there is dark cloud of copyright violations. I had been informed by two services to remove those posting or else. I can't afford financially "or else". It's idealistic to think you fight it, but honestly they were copyright violations. True, most of the artist are deceased or inactive, but they still the independent record label who struggling to stay afloat in these hard times we are living in who provide this music needs to be compensated. Often, we take without having a conscious who it effects. I have a lot of respect for the folks at Yazoo Records, County Label, and Dust To Digital. If there was a way where all parties could come to an agreement in sharing. I'm all in favor of listening. The question you have to asked is where does piracy begin and where does it end?
If I make you copy of an album and give that to you, is that piracy or is that sharing? Or is that both? It's a complex beast copyright laws are. I have an archive of music that is amazing. I've seen blogs that have been around for ages sharing. None of those have been deleted. How do they continue to do so without any suspicion of copyright violation?
What it comes down to is I'm going to have to purchase the copyright of the songs I want to share. So, I could fully use them in anyway I see fit.
To the rest of you. I wish the best and keep posting. Something has to give eventually to where a solution has to drawn because I have throughly the internet and their are so many files illegally available it makes ones head spin. From music, to movies, to software. As, I said I cannot afford the risk. I have started a new page, but will offer no files. In fact, I am getting back into good fashion purchasing which I do a lot of, but not to often as I use too. I forgot the thrill of getting out there and searching. It was a fantastic feeling to come home with yesterday after looking high and low for R. Crumbs Heroes of Blues, Jazz, & Country. I have recently become a member of eMusic and have been finding a lot through them. Happy News Years to all of you and best 2009.

The Irate Pirate said...

well-spoken Cpt. Kev!
you certainly did grow to a mountain in the blink of an eye. And I like the blog-only releases -- the home-grown compilations, as those do the same function in terms of turning people on to the music, but don't discourage sales from the labels. i'm going to be posting some more of my own in that vein soon.

and i definitely agree that it would be best to come to a mutual agreement between labels such as yazoo and bloggers, since our mission is essentially the same.

most of the yazoo lps were labors of love supported by an independently wealthy collector, and sold poorly but turned a lot of people on to good music.

as for the morality of our privateering trade, there's a whole post with a wide variety of viewpoints so i won't get into it now.

but as for the risk element, it's interesting to note this recent development:

At last, the music industry admits what we've known for years: That filing music-swapping lawsuits against teenagers, little old ladies, and corpses is a fool's errand (not to mention an expensive headache for the defendants). But don't worry—the RIAA has something new up its sleeves.
The new strategy (as reported by the Wall Street Journal): If the music industry finds out that you're swapping music files online, it'll send an e-mail to your ISP (agreements have already hashed out agreements with "some" unnamed service providers, apparently), which will in turn forward the message to you—probably with a little "P.S." asking you to stop. [Update: CNET has a copy of the RIAA's form letter to ISPs.]

If you don't stop, well ... your service provider probably won't sue you, but it might slow down your broadband connection, or cut off your service altogether.
read more

and also here.

seems like the pirates and the corporates may be able to get along yet...

Blind Cat West said...

Thanks Irate Pirate those were informative articles and has eased my mind. Maybe I will post, but not here. Maybe I will post where I first saw you at. Yet, I won't mentionin full name just in initials, HQ In I saw you posted some Stefan Grossman. Excellent stuff.

Bucket Of Lies said...

Hello there.

I saw you mentioned playlist blogging, which is exactly what I like to do. I'm sure you will recognize a few tracks which I found right here.

Check it out if you like, although be warned, there be Dylan within!

Anonymous said...

I had downloaded "Jolly Joe's Jug Band" from Mr. Kev's but only got around to unrar it today, whereupon I was asked for a password. Went to the site but alas, as you know it has gone! Don't suppose anyone can provide the requisite password?

Blind Cat West said...

Yes, this is Blind Cat West once known as Mr. Kev. I apologize for leaving out in the cold without the password to wonderful compilation I created from the Fonotone Records box set. The password is: mrtoadstunes
And, to anyone else who may run across this comment the password is universal to any of my files that may require a password. Enjoy and sorry for the inconvenience. - Blind Cat West

The Irate Pirate said...

cool mixes, bucket-of-lies. reminds me of my mix-cd-making days of yore. I found it fun to but a song by The Blow next to Nina Simone singing Bob Dylan (I've got nothing against his songs or his first 15 years of recording). When I get back to the states I'll post some of those old mixes.

Anonymous said...

Well, if you are all looking for Mr Kev's Old Time Tunes. You can find me here.......

Banjo Man's Old Time Tunes

Thanks again to the Irate Pirate for all his support. I hope to see y'all soon.