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February 3, 2009

Harmonicas, Washboards, Fiddles & Jugs

It has been too long since we've had a jug band post here. Therefore, with thanks to the astounding collection of Lemmy Caution, I present the following, to remedy all your maladies. As Homer Simpson said, "Alcohol: the cause of and solution to all our problems." And of course, when the corn liquor is all gone, you can take out that jug by the light of a clear moon shining and blow, baby, blow! It'll cure what ails ya, and what's better, it'll oil what shakes your shimmy's brakes, if you know what I mean.

For jug band enthusiasts, there's an official society for the likes a' ya. And don't forget to drop by the Corner Jug Store and top up on supplies.

VA - Harmonicas, Washboards, Fiddles & Jugs
Label: Roots RL-311
Vinyl. Out of print.

01 Bobby Leecan's Need-More Band - Apaloosa blues.mp3
02 Memphis Jug Band - Peaches in the springtime.mp3
03 Memphis Jug Band - Feed your friend.mp3
04 Memphis Jug Band - I whipped my woman.mp3
05 Memphis Jug Band - I packed my suitcase.mp3
06 Jack Kelly's Jug Band - Believe I'll go back home.mp3
07 Jack Kelly's Jug Band - Ko-ko-mo blues.mp3
08 Banjo Joe (Cannon & Blake) - Jazz gypsy blues.mp3
09 Tommie Bradley - Nobody's business if I do.mp3
10 James Cole - Mistreated the only friend you had.mp3
11 King David's Jug Band - I can deal worry.mp3
12 King David's Jug Band - Sweet potato blues.mp3
13 Kansas City Blues Strummers - String band blues.mp3
14 Whistler's Jug Band - Pig meat blues.mp3
15 Leecan & Cooksey - Black cat bone blues.mp3
16 Leecan & Cooksey - Dirty guitar blues.mp3

washtubs and | kazoos too
320kbs mp3 | with cover | 2 parts: 100mb & 21mb

thanks Lemmy Caution!


Anonymous said...

Great selection.

Can you please post some rare old gospel.

unitstructure said...

love jugband.will let you know what i think after a listen or two.

Peter said...

emmet otter's jug band!! s'pose their albums are out of print!!

love your blog!!