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February 13, 2009


I hope you all check my blogroll from time to time. I'm always updating it as I discover new cool places. I've now divided it into two: on top there's the blogs that I regularly visit (Partners in Piracy), and the links are automatically sorted by most-recently-updated. Our favorite blind-cat-screaming-banjo-man is back with a number of beautifully crafted vengeances, for instance.

Below that there's other assorted good blogs that I come upon from time to time; but just because they're not as much like this one as the upper echelon, they've got some amazing gems hidden within. Like this Robbie Basho post, or this young guitar soli (or this one). Or this crazy free folk, or kentucky mountain throat-singing-yodeling, or more oud music than you could shake a stick at. Or the most hair-raising collection of Native American music, or poetry from prison, or a crap-ton of bluegrass at 128kbps (yes, the crap-ton is a standard unit of measurement), or another fine Rev. Gary Davis album.

Oh, and I also re-upload files and replace the links, without making mention of it. So if there was something you wanted to download but found it dead, check back once in a while. Speaking of which, if anyone downloaded disks 2 and 4 of the Great Clarence White Bootleg Tapes, would you be a sweetheart and upload them, since shareonall has been long-dead. Thanks!


Ryan Shepard said...

Some fantastic stuff here - thanks for the links. I've subscribed
to your feed + will be checking back
regularly :)

J. Scott Moore said...

Hey Pirate, I really like the new layout! I may steal it out right if I can find the widget you used.
Thanks again for putting me on the blogroll, I really do appreciate it!