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February 3, 2009

Because of Our Wisdom

In many parts of this world water is scarce and precious.
People sometimes have to walk a great distance
Then carry heavy jugs upon their Heads.
Because of our wisdom, we will travel far for love.
All movement is a sign of thirst.

Most speaking really says,
"I am hungry to know you."

Every desire of your body is holy;
Every desire of your body is holy.

Dear one, Why wait until you are dying

To discover that divine truth?

- Hafiz


Cacu said...

Fantastic! Like everything that you have posted. Thanks byee

Sasha Hsuczyk said...

My Papa used to read Hafiz to me as a kid, despite the fact I didn't understand it then. Thanks for this.

The Irate Pirate said...

funny. i was introduced to him by my roommate and friend named Sasha.