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May 28, 2009

Fred Geiger - Fred Geiger

Yet another mysterious progressive banjo album from the 70's! I don't know much more about Fred Geiger than I did about D.W. Griffiths or Larry McNeeley. But he sounds something like the two of them, and this is a very worthwhile album. I do know that he's been a regular contributor to Banjo Newsletter for some time, so a great many banjoists have probably learned from him indirectly. There's some great exploratory bluegrass on here, and some fine grassy jazz too. Though Don Parmley's break on The Sheik of Araby owes considerable debt to Clarence White (who among us doesn't?...), Geiger's work on it is a crystalline dance of originality, and it's an outstanding version of the tune.

Hope you're enjoying these interludes of banjoey brilliance. There's more to come!

Fred Geiger - Fred Geiger

Year: 1978
Label: Ridge Runner 0014

01 - Liza
02 - I've found a new Baby
03 - Ain't Misbehavin
04 - Sheik of Araby
05 - Lulaby of Birdland
06 - First Day in Town
07 - Sundance

08 - Nice Work If You Can Get It
09 - Take the 'A' Train
10 - Ambogeneity
11 - Muskrat Ramble
12 - Back Home in Indiana
13 - Send in the Clowns

Fred Geiger, Banjo
Akira Otsuka, Mandolin
Bob Williams, Guitar
Tom Gray, Bass
David Parmley, Rhythm Guitar and lead guitar on first break of Sheik of Araby
Warren Blair, Fiddle

ambogeneity? and alternate link.
from vinyl | mp3 320kbps | w/ cover | 95mb
* out of print


Anonymous said...

One of the best banjo albums ever recorded. I love this LP

Anonymous said...

Thank you!

Neroon001 said...

I am always looking for new bluegrass bands & players that I have not heard of,so I am looking forward to listening to this thanks for sharing