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May 8, 2009

Maria Muldaur - Gospel Nights

And continuing the thread from the last post, we have Maria Muldaur! You've heard her before in the Jim Kweskin Jug Band, and she's had an amazing career since then, getting steadily better. I for one have always been impressed at how versatile a singer she is - she can slip between blues, gospel and jug-band numbers, country, jazz, and pretty much anything she wants to. And she's a really adventurous singer, hitting the hard notes and then sliding in two different directions. Trained by blues sass Victoria Spivey, Maria's singing is inimitable and immediately recognizable. And like Jody Stecher, after you hear her version of a song, it will become THE version of the song, and you can never escape the echoes of her melodic phrasing - her gliding moans, and rootsy wails. This album is rather unique in her discography, because not only is it full of gospel (sometimes a capella, sometimes with tasty electric backing), but it also finds Maria singing harmony with others (mostly the Chambers Brothers); and she usually sings the low or middle part.

"Recorded live at McCabe's Guitar Shop in Santa Monica, CA, Muldaur brings her earthy approach to mostly traditional songs with the zealousness of a new believer."

This is quite a rare album, only barely reissued on CD (as half of a two-fer with John Fahey's 'Yes! Jesus Loves Me' oddly enough), and is long-since out-of-print.

Maria Muldaur - Gospel Nights
with special guest artists The Chambers Bros.
Recorded at McCabes

Year: 1980
Label: Takoma
Reissue: Takoma/Allegiance CDP 72820 (1987)

There may be a track missing, track 11 - Said I Wasn't Going To Tell No One. Maybe it was taken out when this was issued as half of a twofer with John Fahey's 'Yes Jesus Loves Me'

1 - Brothers And Sisters
2 - My Jesus Is All
3 - Trials, Troubles, Tribulations
4 - Bright Morning Star
5 - Daniel Prayed
6 - Nobody's Fault But Mine
7 - Just Like An Eagle
8 - Did You Remember
9 - Traveling Shoes
10 - People Get Ready
11 - Guide Me, O Great Jehovah

oh set me free!
not my rip | 192kbps | w/ cover | 56mb

note: in case any of you have problems with a corrupted track 9, here it is uploaded separately:


icastico said...

She's purty

Anonymous said...

Track 9 (Travelling shoes) seems to be corrupted. I've dl'ed 2 times and each time got a CRC error

The Irate Pirate said...

i've upped just track 9 here:

Lucas Caldwell said...

Amazing site you have, here. Thanks so much for this! Great, great music.

neophytenz said...

This is the first album I've downloaded from this blog. I've been reading so far, but this one is a gem!

Thanx for sharing.

jb said...

LOVED this album.Been looking for it everywhere. The Chambers Brothers are awesome. THANKS so much.

jb said...

Thanks again. Not to quibble, but there's a track missing. The liner notes refer to a track 11, titled "Said I Wasn't Going To Tell No One" which is not included in your post. Since it's toward the end of the session, it probably features the Chambers Brothers and would be great if it were available. I'm grateful for the post and it's thoroughly enjoyable as is, but if you could manage it, that track would complete the package. Many thanks.