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May 13, 2009

From Smithsonian Folkways

Greetings from Smithsonian Folkways Recordings,

Smithsonian Folkways Recordings is the nonprofit record label of the Smithsonian Institution, the national museum of the United States. We are dedicated to supporting cultural diversity and increased understanding among people through the documentation, preservation, and dissemination of sound.

From reviewing your website, we think a recent episode of “Tapestry of Times”, a new weekly radio program and podcast form WYPR public radio in Baltimore that explores the Smithsonian Folkways collection, would be of interest to your users. The episode, entitled “Ola Belle Reed: An Enduring Legacy” ( is online now and takes an in-depth look into the life and legacy of Ola Belle Reed, the influential singer/songwriter/instrumentalist, with testimonials, interviews, and original on-site recordings. It’s a must-listen for any fans of Ola Belle Reed, bluegrass, and old-time music, or compelling storytelling in general. The show is available for free stream or download, via the podcast.

Listen to the podcast: (

Watch the video: (

See Ola Belle Reed’s Albums at Smithsonian Folkways (still in print!): ('phrase')

With your blessing, we’d like to post the above note to your message board or forum. Alternatively, you can post this on our behalf. Our goal is to spread the word about this tribute to Ola Belle Reed and Tapestry of the Times ( In addition, we’d like to offer your listeners a discount code on any Ola Belle Reed recording from Smithsonian Folkways. Just enter “OlaBelleReed09” to save 20% off either CDs or Digital Downloads. Lastly, if you’d like a copy of an Ola Belle Reed CD to give away to one of your members as a contest, just let us know!

Please contact us if this interests you. Thank you very much for your time and consideration, and we look forward to hearing from you.

A note to all my readers: Ola Belle Reed was an amazing musician. A true pioneer of American music. There's even a festival named after her. I strongly encourage all of you to listen to the podcast, watch the video, and support the fine folks at Folkways.


Gregory Peccary, N.G.W.S. said...

Just heard "High on a Mountain". Wow, what a voice. I've never heard of her before.

The recording of her talking about the mountain life she left behind was beautifully eloquent.

Thanks a lot for sharing this.

J. Scott Moore said...

You da man, Pirate!

AgustinH said...

Hi! I just discover your blog today and go to my favourites right now. Thanks a lot!

P.S: I opened a fórum with some friends, to rescue the World Music. I want to invite you, and if you can't join us, please: can you link us?

Lot of thanks again

banjoreinhard said...

Yes I have this Kicking Mule LP
digitalised and uploaded
it to the server

where you can download it.
If there will be any problem,
write me an e-mail to gress[at]

Best regards,

Reinhard from Munich Germany

Anonymous said...

I have this digitalised Kicking Mule LP and uploaded it earlier for another collector.
You can download it at

It there will any problems write me an e-mail to gress[at]

Best regards,

Reinhard from Munich, Germany

The Irate Pirate said...

thanks, banjoreinhard! in a couple of days i'll be able to download it, listen, and post it.
i will check out your forum soon, psicodelia.

AgustinH said...

Thanks Irate Pirate. Tell you some' you have the google traductor the forum is mostly en spanish. But once you get registered, you can on your profile ("Perfil") change the language of the forum ("Perfil/Preferencias/Idioma del Foro": put it in english). Any trouble just let me know it amigo.


Puzzle said...

When I saw the heading of this post I thought "Argh, shit. Takedown. Another great blog about to go up in the flames of copyright insanity."

Instead, what a great post, and great recognition for the beautiful music you've preserved here. Congratulations! (Or mabrouk! as we say around here.)

I particularly love the respectful tone of their request.

As long as you keep posting I'll keep reading.

Anonymous said...

Just listen to the New England Contra Dance Music album. Can you find more of this great slice of Americana. I am a brutal fiddle player myself and recently discovered this type of music.